Don Draper would see this opera

Do you watch Mad Men? Aside from the drama of the story line, have you observed a specific interpretation of an American style and culture from the early 1960s? This slice of American history is served up in a delightful one-act opera this weekend at Zoellner. The opera is based on an episode of a popular T.V. program, the Dick Van Dyke Show. If you watch it, pay attention to the mannerisms of each character so you can see how Lehigh University faculty member Paul Salerni (composer), Kate Light (Librettist) and the cast adapt and interpret this well-loved icon of early American television.

Another perspective of the performance is that it’s a premier. We are lucky enough to see it’s first performance and to celebrate this achievement. Salerni wrote this opera as a companion piece to his award winning one act opera, “Tony Caruso’s Final Broadcast.” The Monocacy Chamber Orchestra will accompany a fine cast, many of whom also sing with the New York City Opera.

And if that doesn’t whet your appetite enough, the program is preceded by an incredible performance from Lehigh University’s extraordinary conductor and pianist, Eugene Albulescu. He will present the Brahms Piano Quintet with the Iannis String Quartet.

You don’t need to wear gloves or a tuxedo to this event. But if you were Don Draper’s date, you would. Yes, Don Draper would see this opera. Are you as smooth and charming as he?

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