GUEST BLOGGER, Loly Reynolds; Director of C.A.B.

The Loopapalooza! One great event that celebrates two great downtowns! The Downtown Business Association struck gold, in my opinion, when Samantha Schwartz proposed that the city converges many of the areas businesses with the arts community in order to highlight the transportation of choice to get you around town and back again, The Loop. Community Artists of Bethlehem were delighted to be invited in on this venture by DBA representative and Eskandalo business owner, Alison Leigh.

As one of the many wonderful stops along the route, a do not miss is “Go Green Town”.

GGT is the earth friendly, sustainability educating, recycled art lover, and local music enthusiasts’ best friend. The event will be conveniently located near Campus Square at New and Morton Streets. Festivities will begin at 2pm and go on until 7pm, at which time participants can relocate to one of three finale events. While at the stop “Loopy” guests can enjoy demos on earth friendly practices such as composting, participate in a mosaic mural using recycled materials, sift through forgotten treasures in a ” Second Time Around” clothing sale, and shop the many local art vending booths as well as some of the areas best independent business booths all while sampling some of the areas most talented musicians that will have you dancing in the streets…literally. Among the line-up will be Muppet’s Bubbles of Bliss Band (of The Big Dirty), Trouble City All-Stars (reggae roots) and Slingshot Dakota.

Please visit us for the ultimate collaboration of creative thinkers, independent entrepreneurs and eco-conscious planners. Find out how you can become more involved in the ever-evolving process of becoming more active in your community that truly makes Bethlehem “Glitter”.

Loly Reynolds – Community Artists of Bethlehem (C.A.B.) Director


What’s all this I hear about a “LOOPapalooza?” *

According to the info-PACKED LOOPapalooza website, participants:

“[On Saturday, Sept 18th from 2-8 pm] Ride The LOOP [bus] through Bethlehem’s two downtowns during this unique, hop-on, hop-off festival! 10 stops with food, live music, refreshments, discounts at stores and restaurants, kids activities and more!”

So it’s a local community event….
And why would Lehigh University students be interested in this? Well, all one has to do is poke around the website to see NINE different themed areas of fun spread out over north side and south side Bethlehem. The website even has a map that shows where the fun is along the regular Loop Bus route.

AND…, there’s more!
Live Music = SEVEN bands lined up. And if you want to know what they sound like, the website offers links to each of the bands so you can preview for pleasure planning. BTW, this is a good time to get a sense for the local music scene. So unplug your ipod and feel the vibrations on your whole body.

Activities from 2 to 8pm. Finale concerts from 8 to 10pm.

But wait,…, there’s still more!
LOOPapalooza College Challenge pits school against school as students complete a scavenger hunt through Bethlehem’s two great downtowns. Answer questions at each of LOOPapalooza Towns to earn points. The college with the most points wins.

How it works: LOOPapalooza will host the first ever College Challenge: LEHIGH vs. MORAVIAN. Remember the Orientation scavenger hunt? This challenge shouldn’t be too hard – but did you cross the river yet? Here’s some more incentive for you…
*IF LEHIGH WINS: Each [participating] student will receive a FREE drink or appetizer from Molly’s Irish Pub & Grill on 4th Street.

And if you act now!
Tickets are only $10, if you buy online. Day of the event, tickets go up to $15. What does a ticket get you? Check here. I can tell you that unlimited access to all the bouncy rides is worth it for me.

*this post is respectfully written in homage to the legendary SNL commercial parodies, and my favorite all time character, Miss Emily Litella.