Director’s note 9-08-10 Two ceremonies of hope

Take note of two big announcement/ceremonies in South Bethlehem this week.

The first happens at 4:30PM this afternoon on the corner of Morton and Brodhead. For Lehigh readers not familiar with street names, this is one street west of Campus Square, and across the street from Brodhead Dorms.

Broughal Middle School, Just Born, Lehigh University, and the United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley will have a celebratory announcement and symbolic ribbon tying ceremony to mark the creation of the Broughal Community School Partnership.

Thursday, at 3PM on the Greenway site just east of New Street, The City of Bethlehem will do a groundbreaking ceremony on this section of the Linear Park. Head north on New Street from Campus Square, and look for the podium on the grass.

What is important to note about both ceremonies is the sense of hope, and possibility for the Renaissance of South Bethlehem. Lehigh University will be a part of both partnerships. If you’re a member of the Lehigh University community that has the impression of “not a lot going on off campus,” witness these moments.

I reference not a specific quote, but a pervasive attitude that lingers among some in our campus community. Active engagement in your local community may change your perspective.