plaque Last night, the Arts@Lehigh blog won the “Art” category title of ┬áthe My Choice Voice – Best of the Lehigh Valley Blog contest. I’m thrilled that our readers and friends gave the support by their votes. The significance of this award is in a few areas:

1. Blogging isn’t something you need permission to do. You just do it. If there is something important that needs to be said, shared or discussed, you don’t have to wait for someone else to say it, share it, or start the discussion. Blogs are a readily available tool that anyone can do. In addition to writing blogs, feel free to expand your understanding of the universe by reading other blogs. Last night was another reminder of the breadth and depth of local bloggers. I have come to know many of these people through their blogs; a few of them I would call good friends. Only one other person on the list of bloggers last night works at Lehigh. He is such a supportive friend in Arts@Lehigh’s communications efforts. Thanks, Prof. Twitter.

2. The arts are all around us. While “arts” might not be the identity many of us boldly wear on our sleeves, the instrument that is displaying these words, the chair you may be sitting on while you are reading this sentence, or if you happen to glance away from the screen – you will see something that is informed by art. Art is not merely entertainment. It is discovery and communication. To be able to write about art, to share information about art, or to simply be artful – is why we blog about it. As Alec Baldwin said, “Art is all around me. So maybe I should introduce myself.”

3. The Lehigh Valley is full of creative, passionate and dedicated people who also support many things. Last night, all of the people at the event shared the “blogger” identity; but also have multiple talents and dreams. While some may just want people to “lighten up and find fun in your own back yard,” others are dedicated to sharing their passion for vegan cooking, Lehigh Valley sports, or the humor they see in their daily lives.

I’d like to thank again, the Morning Call for their support of local blogging. I also need to personally thank all of the readers who voted in the contest. Here’s a slide show of images taken by the Morning Call. See the entire album here.

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