Director’s Note – February 6, 2013

Academic Poster Session in Zoellner lobby before Motionhouse:

This Sunday at 6pm, Zoellner Arts Center will feature posters that share information about various academic projects and research with a water theme.

Clay Naito AdThe intention of the activity is to connect the topic of the Dance company’s piece of art with the various disciplines on campus that also address the multiple issues of water in our lives. In addition to the posters, representatives from the Nurture Nature Center in Easton, PA will also be on hand to share information about their organization and efforts to educate people in our community about the local impact of flooding and water conservation.

Great thanks to Jeanette Brinker, Amira Sa’abana and Shelley Drozd for the help in organizing the activity.


Two major Arts Philanthropists in the Lehigh Valley have died this week. Priscilla Payne Hurd and Marlene “Linney” Fowler. Their generosity in the Bethlehem community is not only evident by the number of buildings and community assets bearing their names, but also by the outpouring of grief at the loss of our community leaders. Both extraordinary women received honorary degrees from Lehigh on the same day in 2003. Bill White, a columnist at the Morning Call, offers his thoughts. If you decide to read his column, please also read the many comments from his readers.

Our friends at ArtsQuest prepared this video tribute for Mrs. Fowler. We share this with our readers who, if are still relatively new to the Bethlehem community, might understand the generosity of Mrs. Fowler was not only financial, but a love for all people in our community.