Alpha Phi Phiesta Bowl


Come one, come all! This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending my sororities philanthropy event, Phiesta Bowl. This is my chapters largest event on campus and in my opinion the most fun! We were fortunate enough to get a beautiful day the weather was 70 degrees, sunny, and with a light breeze. A perfect late September day. The above is a flyer providing information for the event which could have been found all over social media and around campus. The attire for the day is comfortable. If you are playing wear something sporty and if you are spectating make sure to bring sunglasses it gets very sunny up on the Mountain Top Campus! The detail that needs a little more explanation on this flyer is the location of Sayre Field. Even if you are a Lehigh student, it can be hard to find. Here is a map of its exact location. (It can be found to your left, right before the Mountain top laboratories). I also recommend carpooling because their is limited parking spaces at this field!


The event kicked off at 1pm flawlessly with 30 teams and many fans who came to cheer them on. Music blasted from the speaker and the 10 different flag football fields were off competing for Alpha Phi Phiesta Bowl tanks. Which I do have to say were very cool, they were red and blue with the NFL logo replaced with the Alpha Phi letters. If participants wanted a shift of their own they were being sold for $15. The day was full of sports, free, food, and puppies. Yes, you heard me I said puppies. Spectators brought their dogs to the event and it honestly made it even better. I even got to meet this little guy Oliver. (How could you even resist those green eyes?)


The awesome part of this event was that all proceeds went to women’s cardiac care which is the main philanthropy for Lehigh’s Alpha Phi Chapter as well as the rest of the organizations. If you would like to find out more about this, click here. Alpha Phi sorority will be hosting many more events around campus to support this cause so please feel free to stop by to support Cardiac care! Aside from raising a ton of money for a good cause, the event provided a nice break from studying on a Sunday and Free Food. The FudTruck was up at the event providing tacos and quesadillas for participants of the event. The FudTruck can be found on Lehigh’s campus inbetween Fairchild Martindale Library and Maginnes.

This event was a great way to get involved on the Lehigh campus because it brought together student athletes as well as members of clubs and Greek Life! It was an awesome way to meet new people on campus that you have not met before and to play some flag football. As a member of the Alpha Phi sorority, I would like to thank everyone who donated, participated, and came out to support our event. I would also like to congratulate Lehigh’s Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity for being this year’s Phiesta Bowl champions. We hope you enjoy the free shirts! And if you missed out this year do not worry this is an annual event and will be happening again next fall!