Running Through a Cornfield

This previous weekend I set out to run a 5k race through a cornfield about 35 minutes away from Lehigh’s campus. The race was roughly 3.2 miles winding through cornfields and pumpkin patches across rather tough terrain for running but it wasn’t terribly difficult as I ran cross country on similar courses through high school and continue to run where ever I can today. There was roughly 3000 people registered for the event but I believe about a 1000 more showed up to run and register at the event. The course was a little crowded but a lot of fun and at the end it came down to a winding course through img_0266

a tall cornfield and you appeared at the finish line where people were crowded around waiting with water and medals for participating. The race was not for speed and we did not run very fast but some how managed to be in the low 80s out of the couple 1000 that ran the race which was a nice surpriseimg_0276

As you can see my parking spot was directly next to the finish line making the whole experience very easy and therefore less stressful. The website for the event is for those looking to get involved in the future. I would highly recommend the event as I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to participating in similar things in the future.


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