Alpha Phi’s Phiesta Bowl

This weekend I attended Alpha Phi’s Phiesta Bowl – flag football tournament. As a member of Alpha Phi, this is a memorable event that I attend each and every year. Each team fiercely competes in a single elimination style flag football competition until one victor remains. Teams can have from six to eight members. Our organization holds two days of sign-ups in Lehigh’s University Center during lunch hours. We try to encourage participation from all Greek Chapters as well as non-Gre
ek affiliated Lehigh students. Each person pays five dollars to participate in the tournament (and proceeds are donated toward our philanthropy work to improve women’s cardiac health). Teams compete to win a prize of free (and highly sought after) Phiesta Bowl t-shirts!


let the games begin!


a puppy guest appearance!

Given that the Phiesta Bowl is played at Sayre Field (near mountaintop campus), I arrived at the event by car. One of the ways Alpha Phi tries to attract involvement in Phiesta Bowl is by offering participants free food. I mean, who doesn’t want a taco on th
e house? The Fud Truk is at the event the entire time, cooking up unlimited quantities of burritos and quesadillas. My first order of business when I arrived at Upper Sayre field was therefore placing my order at the Fud Truk. Especially towards the beginning, the line for food can take some time, so I wanted to get my order started quickly! Given that Phiesta Bowl didn’t start until 1pm, I saved my appetite and was therefore pretty hungry once I arrived. I opted for a chicken taco with salsa, cheese, and tomatoes.


fighting the urge to dig in…

While I waited for the lovely Fud Truk personnel to craft my glorious taco, I started talking to people and checking out the scene at the event. There were already a bunch of teams warming up on the fields. I was also blessed with the opportunity to say hello to two different puppies that had stopped by to cheer on their teams. Dozer the miniature golden doodle had made an appearance as well as Oliver the yellow lab. These unreal puppies served as a great distraction to my rumbling stomach. Finally, my number was called and I was presented with my taco. It was beautiful, and I scarfed it down almost too quickly.

Before the games began, I got to play some catch with my friends and brush up on my own football skills. I am still working on achieving the perfect spiraling throw, but I definitely made some progress. Once the tournament began, I spent the rest of my time watching the various intense matchups unfold and providing moral support to my friends who were competing. The competition in the event was pretty stiff – one kid even broke his finger! Eventually, a winner was finally crowned after a vicious final game.


my taco :~)

Overall, the weather was beautiful so spending some time outside instead of being trapped in the library was an outstanding change of pace. The whole point of Alpha Phi’s Phiesta Bowl is to raise money for our Philanthropy – Women’s Cardiac Health. The $5 charge per person goes to the Alpha Phi Foundation (supporting Women’s Cardiac Health) in addition to the Phiesta Bowl t-shirts that we sold for $15 each (except for the winners who receive these for free). If you wish to learn more about Alpha Phi, Phiesta Bowl, and our other philanthropy events or campus involvements, check out our website at – To learn more about the Alpha Phi Foundation and what they do to help women’s Cardiac Care, check out – Finally, if you wish to contribute to the Alpha Phi Foundation, you can do so with the following link –;jsessionid=00000000.app334a?df_id=1503&1503.donation=form1&NONCE_TOKEN=6B4C67A4E501B61004A64E9FE4B984E5.


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  1. Sounds like the competition was fierce! Congrats on the winning team and a quick recovery to the kid that broke their finger

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