7 Steps to Enjoying a Lehigh Football Game



1. Wear Your Lehigh Gear. It doesn’t have to be everything you own or a sweatshirt, but make sure you’ve got some brown or white on. I know it’s not cool to support Lehigh or be proud that you go here, but it gives you a connection to the game going on. Lehigh gives out so many free shirts, so not having one isn’t an excuse either.

2. Get to the Game. This is the biggest reason I’ve heard people say about not going to the game. And I get it, Goodman campus is far away. I don’t have a car so I can’t get there. Except Lehigh runs buses to the game all morning long. You know what isn’t far away? Taylor gym. I don’t know the exact departure schedule, but if you show up at Taylor gym around noon on a game day. You’ll get on a bus within 5 minutes. If you’re driving its even easier. Parking is right next to the stadium and is free.

3. Go to a Tailgate. I didn’t have time for this one, but it seems like a good step to add. Especially if they have food, stadium food is expensive. Chances are the student tailgates won’t have food though, so maybe just go to hang out with friends before the game.

4. Go Inside the Stadium. It is incredible that when I ask some friends if they’ve gone to games they respond by saying they’ve been to the tailgates but not the game. How? It is right there! The stadium is right next to anywhere people tailgate. And it’s free! You just have to walk in and flash your Lehigh ID card. What if you forgot your Lehigh ID card? You can just say you’re a student and write down your email and they’ll let you in. Trust me, I was about to pass my ID through the fence to my friend when he lost his.

5. Find a Spot on the Hill. If stadium seats are your thing, fine, you do you. But there is a perfectly sloped hill right next to the field that offers some great views of the game as well as a relaxing seating area.

6. Get on Field to Kick a Field Goal. I don’t know how to do this one, but around the end of the first quarter 2 students are pulled from the crowd to kick a field goal attempt. It is an easy enough shot, only 25 yards, and if you make it you win a large pizza from Dominoes. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Next time I go, my goal is to win that pizza.

7. Stay for the Band. A lot of people want to leave early. I guess if you didn’t pay for a game there is less motivation to stay for the whole thing, but at the very least, you should stay until halftime is over. The marching band puts on a show the students can enjoy in addition to embarrassing the PA announcer.

7. Join the Cheering Section. This is where the fun is. Right up in front of the stands there is a loud group of students intent on cheering on the team. If you are more of a high energy person and sitting on the grass all game isn’t for you then this is the place to be. You can get tossed in the air after a touchdown or yell at the refs after a bad call, in this group of people a camaraderie can be found instantly. Just remember to have fun.

7. Take a Walk Around the Stadium. There isn’t a whole lot of room at Goodman Stadium, mostly just stands with the grassy hill in between them but take a look around. There are people other than vendors and you might just find a club set up. This weekend I ran into Dance Marathon trying to fundraise and saw some pretty sweet deals on Lehigh gear. Plus the walk isn’t too bad if you need a stretch break.

Well there you have it, now more than ever it should be easy for you to go enjoy a football at Goodman stadium. Next time there is a home game is also family weekend, so expect more people than normal and expect a good show. October 8th, vs Colgate. See you there!