Kappa Delta’s Shamrock ‘n’ Roll

On Saturday April 9th, I attended the Kappa Delta’s Shamrock rock ‘n’ roll event. While going there was mainly due to the fact that my friend told me to come as it was to support his girlfriend, I was pleasantly surprised by the music when I got there. While far under dressed as it included a silent auction and over caffeinated from going during the middle of a study break, I was relived to see food and here pleasant jazz music from a group playing on stage.

I had no idea about the fact that there was going to be live music even though the name of the event should have given it away. However, I was blown away when I learned that the group playing on stage was the Lehigh Jazz band. From my perspective they seemed to be a totally professional worthy sound, and while not a major jazz fan, still enjoy listening to it on occasion.  While I stood there eating chicken nuggets I had come to eat for the 5-dollar fee I played, I spent most of the time listening to the band and talking to friends. The music seemed to perfectly fit the theme of the event, and while not 100% musically oriented, gave ground for the event to take place over a long time and justified a reason to stay and enjoy yourself.

After the jazz band got off there were two more performances with the first being the a cappella group. While I had heard the group perform before, it was my freshman year, and it was a pleasant surprise to hear updated music and new group members, in addition to far more crowd interaction and enthusiasm while listening to the musical group.

After the groups had all finished I parted my way from the event and went back to studying, but it made me come to the realization that our nagging friends in such groups (me having friends in the a cappella group) to watch them perform should be worth our time more than we think. Often I get asked and rather than not wanting to go to such performances, it is often apathy or lack of time common to the Lehigh college student where these students do not get the respect and admiration for the practice and skill they pose for these performances.