Zoellner Arts Comedy Show

I went to see Roy Wood Jr. and Jordan Keppler at the Zoellner arts center on 4/8/16. I did not know about this event until approximately 10 minutes before it started; my roommate mentioned that he was going and invited me to tag along.

The show itself was moderately funny. The duo consisted of a caucasian and african american. The jokes they told were focused on college life, addressing things like diets, homework, course load, textbook pricing, roomate-masturbation-scheduling and more. I had no real expectations going in, so I was pleasantly surprised by how close to home some of their jokes were. The two take their roots in the observational comedy tradition of Jerry Sienfield, and (with a greater deal of subtlety) the anecdotal comedy of Chris Rock and Russel Peters.

I did not engage in any other activities as part of the experience. There was no dress code to my knowledge, and I had already eaten dinner before finding out about the event. However, I did get a chance to meet them back stage for a brief period of time, but the line to talk to them was so long I would have missed my ride home if I had stayed.

I don’t think knowing more about the event beforehand would have improved it in any way. I did not have any expectations, but I also did not have any responsibilities. I did not have to drive or park the car, nor did I even have to buy my own ticket. It was entirely serendipitous that I attended this event and I did, in fact, laugh out loud on several occasions.