“Spec Spec” Experience by Teresa Castillo Donoza

As a member of a performance group, LU’s Finest Step Team, I typically do not get to watch others perform during certain talent shows or showcases of the arts. Although, I would love to watch I am not able to because I am either too tired from practicing and performing or have a lot of assignments during the same time period. Usually, I arrive at the place where we are performing fifteen minutes before we go on and leave ten minutes after we perform.

I have always felt extremely guilty about not being able to show my support for my fellow performers at “Spec Spec,” the Diversity Life Weekend talent show. This performance is when most performance teams need the support of their fellow performers since it is a competition for cash prizes. There is also an extra amount of pressure in knowing that the vast majority of the audience is prospective students instead of current Lehigh students. When I was assigned to attend an arts event for my entrepreneurship class, I saw the opportunity to attend “Spec Spec” this past Saturday as a student instead of just a performer.

On the day of the “Spec Spec,” April 9th, I  I met up with my friends and prospective students before the show to go to a Diversity Life Weekend barbecue. Once we ate and finished taking pictures in the photo booth we decided to go to Grace Hall, where the talent show was being held, thirty minutes before the doors opened in order to get the best seats. As we waited my excitement rose as we talked more and more about who was performing. When the doors opened we chose seats in the front row so I could leave to perform with ease and come back without interrupting others. We waited thirty more minutes for the event to actually start but got even more excited as we waited. Once the background music stopped and two people stepped onto the stage I knew the performance was beginning.

Spec Spec

Knowing the two people who were hosting the event, I screamed their names and cheered them on along with others who knew them to let them know they were appreciated. The first team to come on the stage was African Renaissance. Countless cheering and comments came from the crowd.

“Get it girl!”

“We love you African Renaissance!”

“I see you Anjela!”

I could not help but joining in on making comments like these and making sure my friends on the stage knew they were doing a spectacular night. The show was off to a great start and everyone was excited to see who was next. As the performances went on I had to go back stage because it was almost time for Lu’s Finest to perform. Backstage I talked with my fellow teammates about the performances I had seen and we jumped around in excitement knowing that in one minute we would be the ones the crowd would be cheering for. As I was performing I heard people scream my name and make similar comments I had made before. Knowing that others were enjoying the performance I worked so hard for made me realize how important it was for me to attend these events and show my support for my fellow performers. We walked off stage as the crowd cheered on and were met with excited performers on other teams who told us how great we did.

Lu's finest

As I walked back to my seat I felt guilty for all the times I could not find time to stay and watch performances in art showcases. I have always felt supported as a performer therefore how could I not plan in advance to make sure I could go support other performers. In between acts I told my friends how I was going to make it a point to support other teams even if I was tired after performing. Not only was I excited to see what people I knew had worked on this whole year but I was also excited to watch other performances I had never heard of before.

Bad Company

Performance after performance my thoughts about how important it was to support other performers strengthened. Near the end the end of the show the crowd grew restless as everyone waited for the winners to be announced. After various drum rolls, the order of the winners was: Overdose in third place, African Renaissance in second, and Bad Company in first. The crowd cheered and I was so happy that I was able to stay to see my friends get the recognition the deserved. Although I had been at “Spec Spec” before, getting to experience this event as a member of the audience was extremely valuable to me and I cannot wait until I get the chance to experience this again.