Lil Wayne at the Sands

I went to the Lil Wayne concert at the Sands on February 23.  While I’m not that into concerts, I figured I might as well take advantage of one of my favorite Hip-Hop artists performing live within five minutes of campus.  I went with a couple of friends and we had someone drive us there and pick us up when the concert was over.  I wore very casual clothes and a big jacket since it was cold.

While I am not into converts, I must say that Lil Wayne made the experience as good as it could be.  Wayne, in a Kanye-esque rant talked about how he is the best rapper and how it’s not a hit song if he’s not on it.  We only went to the Sands to watch the concert, and when it ended we went back to our house.  The atmosphere was very intense, Wayne had total command over his audience and seemed to genuinely enjoy his interaction with his fans.  The concert was really fun because Wayne performed a lot of the songs he has been on.  While Wayne has been very successful in solo ventures, he seems to be at his best when featuring in a song.  I forgot how many hit songs Wayne has had a part of.  Listening to Wayne cover all those different songs really reminded me of my teenage years.

This was the first event I have ever attended at the Sands.  I think it is a very nice place.  I hope that it will be able to attract bigger name performers in the future.  I hope to attend more events at the Sands in the future.