Marty Baron ’76 back on campus: Spotlight showing in Zoellner Arts Center


Back in February I had the opportunity to attend the showing of Spotlight at Lehigh’s Zoellner Arts Center. As many of you probably already know, this was a special showing at Lehigh because Marty Baron attended Lehigh for his undergraduate degree. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie or don’t know the story, Marty Baron ’76 was the first at the Boston Globe to push for the investigation of over 80 priests molesting boys in the Boston area. If it weren’t for him, this scandal may not have been uncovered. Shortly after we viewed the movie in Zoellner, Spotlight went on to win an Oscar for Best Picture.


Weeks before the Spotlight showing in Zoellner, I received many emails inquiring students to sign up to attend. Having not seen the movie but heard lots of buzz about it over Winter Break, I immediately signed myself and a friend up to attend. I was further intrigued when learning about how a main character portrayed in the movie went to Lehigh. Over the course of maybe 2 more weeks, I received a few more emails about the event, and started to hear more buzz about it on campus. I was actually surprised how much advertising there was about it, because generally I don’t find out about many events occurring in Zoellner. There were also many articles anticipating the event in local newspapers around Lehigh:

Morning Call

Morning Call 2


Lehigh Webpage


People were dressed in varieties of attire, mainly casual clothes that they would also wear to class, but I could also tell some people were dressed ready to head out for a Thursday night of partying after the movie and discussion afterwards. My friends and I grabbed dinner at Tulum before the showing, which was a nice start to the evening.

Upon arriving at Zoellner for the showing, I was amazed how many people were already seated and looking eager to not only watch the movie, but also hear from Marty Baron during the Q&A session after the movie. As the theater continued to fill until every seat appeared full, I realized how awesome it was to see much of the Lehigh community come together to not only support a Lehigh alum, but also take time out of their Thursday night to watch a movie they otherwise could watch in a normal theater, or even find online. I hadn’t seen the theater that full since our freshman convocation in August of 2012.

I really enjoyed watching the movie because I felt it was a very well made film, but the Q&A session afterwards was my favorite part of the night. It was amazing to hear Marty Baron’s personal opinions on how he was feeling when he was investigating, as well as his thoughts on the movie and its huge success. It was great to see current Lehigh journalism majors look up to Marty so much because of his courage and strength to speak up about such a controversial subject. Overall, this was a great night with very productive conversations. I could tell everyone there was very engaged the entire time and really enjoyed being present with Marty Baron.