DanceFest 2016

On Friday, March 25, I attended my first DanceFest. Even though I have been here at Lehigh for four years, and despite my interest in the event, I have never made the time to see it. Finally, my senior year, I decided that this was my last chance to see so many peers perform right on campus. Plus, I got to see the headliner—The Desi Hoppers—all the way from India.

This event was something that has been very well advertised through social media, particularly this year. In the past I certainly knew about it but this year there were so many reminders online so I couldn’t let it pass without consciously deciding not to go this this one last chance. Typically, the types of events I go to related to the arts are music related because that’s where I’m involved, that’s my comfort zone. I’m in the Marching 97 and have been in various other instrumental groups on campus. I frequently attend concerts and performances by accapella or bands/groups, I attend other music related events like Mnozil Brass, and I enjoy them all. However, this event was something I’ve always wanted to see but never truly dedicated my time to. And believe me when I say it was well worth the time! I’d 100% recommend the event to others in the future. And not just once, I’d be willing to bet it’s phenomenal and different each and every year.

So once I decided I really wanted to experience DanceFest, I had to find some friends to go with. Turns out, that all of my friends were interested! If I had made a little effort in the past, they probably would have been interested in it then too. In fact, I found out some of my friends had even been a part of the show in prior years and I could have watched them perform.

I learned a lot going into this event. I had no idea how many unique dance groups there were on campus and how many talented dancers we had among our university community. I also had no idea how many of my peers, sorority sisters, and classmates who I see every day dedicated so much of their time and were so passionate about dance. It was a really great experience to see them all up on stage having a great time and showing off their talent. My only qualm with the event as a whole was the lack of a program. When I first arrived knowing minimal information about what to expect for the night (due to my lack of attendance in past years) I couldn’t wait to see who might perform and what types of groups would be dancing this year. It would have been really nice to follow along with the performers and be able to learn a bit more about each group through a program or even keep the program as memorabilia.

12747291_1841137202779819_8852858500156263870_oThe event ended at a perfect time. My friends and I came ready to go out for the evening, in casual yet nice going out clothes, as we had a friend with a birthday surprise party planned for the time just after the event. Instead of having to go all the way home (to the side of campus near Mohler), we were able to stay on that side of campus and attend both events! It led to a really fun Friday night. There was none of that frustrating, boring down time where no one knows if they should nap, hang out, or get ready to go out that usually comes along with a Friday night that doesn’t begin until 10 PM. I think these event planners knew their audience well and timed the event finale perfectly.

Checkout this year’s facebook event page featuring the event’s promo video to get an idea of what the event was like!

If you’re involved in Lehigh University’s community or any of the surrounding communities, I certainly recommend you attend the event. I wish I had done so earlier in my Lehigh career so I could have attended multiple times. Don’t miss out on the opportunity!

(submitted by Allison Kent, ’16)