Lehigh in Munich

Professor Nik Nikolov and the 2016 Lehigh Winter Study Abroad groups have embarked on a journey through one of the most environmentally progressive regions of the world.  Munich is an inspiring mix of historic buildings and progressive architecture.  Over their 12 day program they will delve into the relationship between technology and historic circumstances that form Munich’s built environment.

Students are learning about different building technologies, techniques and materials. Due to the unique location of this session, they
 will experience alternative models of urban planning and mixed-use developments as well as various forms of public space, private and public transportation, and sustainable planning and design.

This blog will serve as a live record, a guide, and a way-finder throughout their adventurers in the southern capital of Bavaria.  Travel virtually with the group via Blogspot: Lehigh In Munich

Weihnachtlicher Lichterglanz

Der Muenchner Christkindlmarkt und das Rathaus strahlen am Montag (28.11.05) waehrend der Blauen Stunde in weihnachtlichem Lichterglanz. Mit der Eroeffnung des zentralen Muenchner Weihnachtsmarktes auf dem Marienplatz begann am Freitag (25.11.05) die Weih