New Course in Latino Visual Arts and Culture in American Art

“Latino Visual Arts and Culture in American Art”
Spring 2016
ART/LAS 227, Tues & Thurs 1:10 – 2:25
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of the AmericasA one of a kind course that takes advantage of LUAG’s unique Latin American exhibition. “Latino Visual Arts and Culture in American Art” is an in-situ class at the Lehigh University Art Galleries at Zoellner utilizing our visual laboratories, galleries and teaching collection. The course focuses on our current exhibition in the Lower Gallery “…Of The Americas: Contemporary Art from the Lehigh University Teaching Collection” as well as other relevant Latino works from our diverse and inclusive holdings.
The thrust of the course is to explore contemporary Latino and Latin American art in the United States from several angles. Among the topics to be discussed are “Because art has no country, but the artist does”; is contemporary art a product of globalization?; is Latino and Latin American art, culture and art criticism a nationalistic platform of cultures, or just a contemporary creative expression of their time?; who is who in the current Latino and Latin American art world?

For a description of the exhibit, see this link to the LUAG website.