20 Reasons to see Violet – only 4 more performances

This post was directly lifted from Jon Hoffman’s (’12?) Facebook page. He’s in the cast. He also started a Theatre company. He’s a awesome person. (Oh, and pay attention to #11, especially for Wednesday night’s performance)

11221282_796811893773945_7560037824137178322_nReasons to go see “Violet” this week at the Zoellner Arts Center:

1.) I’m in it, so like, c’mon. It’s great.

2.) No seriously, it’s very very good. A beautiful production of an underappreciated musical that you likely never heard of.

3.) The composer of “Violet” also won a Tony this year for her music in the award winning “Fun Home”! She’s also the mind behind “Thoroughly Modern Millie”.

4.) If you like country, blue grass, and gospel, you’re in for a huge treat. If you’re not, this show might be the best examples of those genres you’ve ever heard!

5.) It’s directed by two of my favorite people in the world: Pam Pepper is at the helm with another outstanding addition to her Lehigh history, and Bill Whitney owned it with his music direction and is conducting the pit AND playing piano.

6.) The cast is all very talented, but I have to mention Eden Weinflash‘s beautiful and thoughtful portrayal of the title character, Meg Kelly‘s pitch perfect tones as younger Violet, and Jake Blecher energy as the lovable-yet-hateable Monty.

7.) This production of “Violet” collects it’s talent from the far reaches of the valley. Marcel Logan is hitting notes I seriously never heard of as Flick, and Eric Anders Fosselius as Violet’s Father is so nuanced I practically cry every time I watch him.

8.) If it is me you’re interested in, I’m playing multiple parts. Not the least of which is a Southern Baptist Televangelist Preacher. I get a huge, high energy sequence in Act 2, backed by a whole choir of my best homies just rocking it the whole way. At the very least, come to see me make a complete idiot out of myself. You won’t be dissapointed.

9.) Having a busy week? No sweat! We have show nights Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday! Lot’s of chances!

10.) Is it money that’s holding you up? Never fear! This experience can be yours for a very affordable $12 a ticket ($10 for students, $8 for Lehigh students. That’s extremely low for this kind of thing.

11.) Still too pricey for you? Tomorrow (Wednesday) is “Pay-What-You-Will Night”, meaning you can pay as much or as little as you please. You can literally see this for free! No judgment! We really just want you here!

12.) The show only lasts a brisk 2 hours, including intermission. That’s personally how I like my theatre, quick! “Violet” doesn’t have the fluff and filler of some musicals. You can be home by 10!

13.) So far it’s been very well received. Who am I to argue?

14.) The Diamond Theatre is just a beautiful space, and we know how to work it. In Thrust, everywhere is a good seat.

15.) Beautful lighting! I’m especially impressed with the track spots (or whatever you call them. I’m not a lighting guy my self). That spot light follows me for my whole scene, which is more impressive than it might sound.

16.) You really deserve it! You’ve been working extra hard lately smile emoticon

17.) I think “Violet” has a really profound message that a lot of people could take to heart. It’s really easy to say “It’s what’s on the inside that counts,” but this is a show that actually puts that adage to the ultimate test.

18.) Two words: Lula Buffington. If you haven’t heard Kiyaana Cox-Jones sing “Raise Me Up”, you’re seriously missing out!

19.) I know you don’t actually experience this from the audience perspective, but our stage manager Lindy Fruithandler is amazing. There’s like 700 cues, and the whole show moves smooth as butter.

20.) That goes double for our assistant stage managers, Caraline Jeffreyand Winnie Gu. They’re awesome. You don’t see them, but they’re invisibly making the show more awesome.

That’s 20 reasons off the top of my head. 20! And the more people come each night, the stronger the performance gets! I really hope you can make it! If you follow the link below you can get all the information and find link to buy tickets ahead of time, though you can also easily get them at the door. See you there!