HDS Arched Glory

If you wandered by the main entrance to Chandler-Ullmann, you might have spotted a wooden design stretching from the fountain to the outer rim of the plaza. The sculptural arch was one of the outcomes of a new initiative envisioned and launched by professors Anthony Viscardi and Nik Nikolov. The Hammerschalg Design series invited architects and designers to campus to engage with students in lecture and workshop with a variety of materials and techniques. Students engaged in projects in Chandler-Ullmann and the new Mountaintop Research facility.

“This was an amazing project as the final HDS design build series this semester.  Two days of great student engagement, persistent faculty involvement and elegant spatial construction, truly a fine example of the architecture of Play. We are very proud and delighted”

~ Anthony Viscardi, executor and director of the Hammerschlag Design Series
Professor of Architecture, Lehigh University

We invite you to take a closer look at the design and marvel at its intricacies of construction.

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