Links to Darlene Love

Building excitement around a living legend is on one hand exciting, but on the other, intimidating! There’s so much about Darlene Love’s upcoming concert to get excited about. For our readers, here is a compilation of links to Darlene Love’s impressive work and some other interesting things collected along the way:

A list of 15 videos of Darlene Love:

Darlene Love’s first performance of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” on David Letterman, 1986

Nice 3:29 video recap of her earlier work:

Articles worth reading:

Darlene Love is mentioned in this Huffington Post article, “The Unsung Hero of Sixties Music

David Letterman Says Goodbye to a Nearly 30-Year-Old Holiday Tradition

Darlene Love on Oscars, Letterman farewell, Springsteen-annointed Album

BvmBRvlIIAA-B6f-1Rolling Stone article on Darlene Love’s new album produced by Stevie Van Sandt

John Moser of The Morning Call interview and article

Dustin Schoof of The Express Times article Singer Darlene Love says fans will be ‘shocked’ by new solo album


Connecting the Dots – Teaching Resources:

From the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation Online Curriculum – “How the Other Half Lives: The Best of Girl Group Rock” by  Greil Marcus. (Now that’s an author worth reading more.)