“Architecture of Play” Design Competition – Win $200.00


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Project Statement:  
Over the past weeks, ARCH 157 and ARCH 297 have participated in two weekend-long workshops through the Hammerschlag Design Series. In the first workshop, with Ronnie Araya (University of Manitoba), the classes created 2’x2’ plaster panels cast into fabric. In the second, with Kentaro Tsubaki (Tulane University), the classes created a series of plaster columns, cast into fabric tubes and manipulated with various pleating techniques. Several of these components are on display in the 2nd floor Chandler-Ullmann Student Gallery for reference.

This competition challenges entrants to design an outdoor installation using these components (sixteen 2’x2’ panels, sixteen columns) as a prefabricated kit-of-parts. The installation should be an interactive “game” of sorts with a place of action (general vicinity of Chandler-Ullmann Hall), a time of action, and a simple set of rules to engage passersby.

Presentation Format: One 24” x 36” poster

Submission Deadline: Tuesday, November 18th, by 10:45 AM

  • Physical copy of poster must be handed in to Tony Viscardi’s office in Chandler-Ullmann (room 319)
  • Name and contact info should be on a separate sheet attached to back of poster. No names on front of poster

Requirements and Conditions: 

  1. The installation may use materials other than the cast components for display/movement/support, etc. Any materials must be specified on poster with a defined cost for materials used (Budget= approximately $100)
  2. Installations must make use of at least 10 columns and 10 panels
  3. Submissions can be proposed individually or in groups, given that groups will split the same amount of prize money
  4. Installation must take no more than 2 days to assemble.
  5. Construction of the winning submission will take place December 1st-5th (last week of classes)
  6. Any questions must be submitted to av03@lehigh.edu by Tuesday, November 11th

Prize: A $200 PRIZE will be awarded to the winner, announced in mid-November.   Winning submission will be featured in HDS publication.