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Day 10 of National #ArtsandHumanities Month

It’s been a pretty active arts month on Lehigh’s Campus. In just 10 days, we’ve seen theatrical productions, concerts, lectures, speakers, exhibits, dancing, circus arts, singing, writing, photography, video….

The truth is – it’s like that here EVERY DAY! Ok, the circus arts were a special guest artist presented at Zoellner last weekend. But still… Circus arts on campus! Arts@Lehigh is a program that finds information about the arts, creativity and aesthetic wonderings on campus and in the community geographically nearby. We present a weekly newsletter that helps readers plan their weekend and weekly activities. You can see the latest version of the newsletter <HERE>.

If you’d like to subscribe, please email with the subject: SUBSCRIBE TO ARTS@LEHIGH NEWSLETTER. That way you’ll get all the information we know about what’s happening in the arts and culture on campus between Wednesday and the Tuesday of the following week.

How do we know about all the arts and culture on campus and our local community? First; it’s our mission to find what’s going on and share it as widely as possible. We use listening tools, and follow faculty, departments, university programs, venues, and student initiatives. We “scan the internets” as it is. There’s no secret to the work. It takes lots of time and attention. And we love doing it – because there is nothing cooler than seeing art impact the lives of people who engage with it. Art is truly a way of learning and living on campus. It’s not just for arts majors. It’s for everyone: students, staff, faculty, administrators, school aged children, citizens, visitors….

Koji_T-shirt_artwork_003_400x400Just as we share the content we find, today we will share our tools. Here’s one – if you’re on Twitter, you may know that you can create lists to be able to filter information on that channel as well as hashtags for content. The Arts@Lehigh twitter handle has a list of arts related groups to help us scan. The groups are either departments, programs, student clubs, or even venues that sometimes present art. It’s comprehensive; but there may be a handle we haven’t found yet. You can subscribe to the list, if you wish.

We welcome anyone interested in seeing the curated list of arts related profiles at Lehigh University – <CLICK HERE>

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Arts at Lehigh Twitter