LU Choral Arts information

 This post is in support of student leadership in the arts at Lehigh
~S. White; Dir. of Arts Engagement & Community Cultural Affairs

My name is Ohmny and I am the Lehigh Choral Arts Recruitment manager for this year!  Here at Lehigh we have two main choral groups: University Choir and Choral Union.
The Lehigh University Choir which is comprised of about 60 students who represent all three of Lehigh’s colleges (business, engineering, and arts & sciences), meets twice a week during the semester, and performs in four concerts throughout the school year. The Choral Union is comprised of Lehigh students, faculty and staff, and community members as well. It is a smaller time commitment, meeting only once a week and performs three concerts throughout the school year. The Choral Union also participates on tour!
***Members of University Choir can automatically choose to join Glee Club, the all male ensemble, or DOLCE, the all female ensemble.
We also tour every other year either to a different country or throughout the US (this year being a tour year!). Last time, we traveled to Hawaii and performed in a few churches and several high schools! Tour is TBA on location for this year, but you can expect something just as great.  Another event to note is that Choral Union and University Choir will be performing in Carnegie Hall this year!
If you are interested and would like more information about when the auditions are, how they are held, or what you need to know contact me at, message me on facebook, or familiarize yourself on the Choral arts website,, or on our event group,
I hope to hear from you soon!