Videos from various campus programs

We at Arts@Lehigh actively watch various social media channels to stay on top of great things going on campus and in South Bethlehem. Summer time is typically quiet on campus, but this sumer a few neat things have launched that show how Lehigh is evolving to meet the needs of a more diverse study body, and a more innovative learning environment.

Summer Scholars’ Institute
Sharing with great admiration to the administrators, staff and faculty who supported the program, here is a final video celebration to mark its¬†successful completion. Give a little bit of your time to hear these students share their story. For those of us who work at Lehigh, this is what it’s all about.

This three-week preparatory experience was designed for incoming first year students who not only show academic promise, but also great potential in community/civic engagement and leadership. Read more about the program on the Multicultural Affairs website.

Update on Lehigh’s Mountaintop Campus
The video produced by Lehigh University’s Office of Communications tells a quick¬†story from student descriptions.

Here are two videos that give a little more detail on two projects. The first is a project to study ventilation in mud huts. Yes, they built one!

The second video is about designing new play structures that are more shape shifters…

Oh, and by the way… if you haven’t seen the wonderful write up in the New York Times about the Mountaintop,we hope this link opens for you.