ArtsAlive now open to returning students!

This post for returning Lehigh students only:

Have you ever wanted to hit a reset button on your first Lehigh experience? There are quite a number of students who – for whatever reasons – don’t get a chance to try one of the preLUsion programs. There is an incredible number of programs now designed to give students a chance to get on campus early, meet others with similar interests and try new things.

One other advantage to doing a preLUsion program is the chance to try things that you might not have had time to try during the academic year. Let’s face it, when classes get started, co-curricular activities heat up, and the social life barely gets any time, trying something new is really had to fit in. How many alumni wish they could go back to campus and check off a few things on their bucket list?

The Office of First Year Experience is letting us try a little experiment for returning students.

ImageViewerIf you are interested in trying some really cool activities with a group of students interested in similar things, we have a few spots open in the ArtsAlive 2014 program. What does that mean?

You can try activities like theater improv, dancing, stage make-up, glass blowing or pottery, and take a couple of off campus trips to either Martin Guitar or a Museum. We explore the arts scene on campus, and lots of cool venues close by. $300 covers all fees, transportation, supplies and meals. You get to move into your room early, and enjoy a few creative adventures before the intensity of the semester begins.

Here’s a recap post from last year’s program. And here’s a link to another recap with a cool photo album at the bottom.

If you’re interested, don’t hesitate. We’re only keeping the registration open for two more weeks. Here’s a link to act now: CLICK RIGHT HERE, Mr. Mouse. If you have any questions, please email Silagh White directly at