Touchstone Theatre – FRESH VOICES


[From the Touchstone Theatre Newsletter:]
For over a decade, the Fresh Voices apprentice showcase has been an audience favorite – always fresh, sometimes provocative, never ordinary. The show gives apprentices a chance to explore their artistic voices and capabilities as solo and ensemble performers. This year’s apprentices explore the theme of Beyond Worlds in their exciting new works-in-progress…

A movement piece about the monotony of routine

THE GIRL WHO WAS ANGRY by Mallory deForest
A girl’s journey through a mystical valley and what she finds there

I’LL FLY AWAY by Catherine Restivo
A dying woman and her burning desire to fly like a bird

WORLD TRAVELERS by the Apprentices
An ensemble-created adventure about three weirdos in a creepy carnival…

For the first time, this year’s Fresh Voices also includes work-in-progress by this year’s journeyman; Kyle Lewis caps off his second year with Touchstone by writing and directing Spare the Rod, a short play about a retired state trooper in his final day on death row, exploring the grey area between selflessness and selfishness in good actions.

A few thoughts form the Director of Arts@Lehigh:

I’ve had the best of luck to see this year’s apprentices in a new light; beyond  their appearances in the Touchstone productions this year. Last summer, my own children participated in the Camp Touchstone and were really engaged in exploring the world of theater. The success of their experience was the impact and care the apprentices made in getting to know the kids, and seeing them as individuals – not as my off spring. After last summer, each time the kids saw a Touchstone Apprentice, they made sure to say hello and let them know they were coming back to Camp Touchstone again.

I also had the great fortune to see some of the Apprentices work in the recent production of Mock Turtle Marionettes, “The Morning Time of Now.” It was a tender moment of deep connection between the poetry of Opal Whiteley and the music of Michael Smith. The Apprentices did a wonderful balancing act of puppetry, dance, singing and movement as the play touched the hearts of the audience.

Touchstone Theatre is an art organization the captures the soul of our community and gives it a voice through original work. Each class of Apprentices hones their skills, but also makes their mark on those of us who know what an asset this Theater company is for our community.

If in the midst of all the choices we have for leaving our work behind and being a part of some special moments you come across the idea of seeing the FRESH VOICES: BEYOND WORLDS performances, please give them your consideration.