Community Engagement with Excellent Partners

Last Sunday, May 4th (and no, I won’t mention Star Wars Day….. oops), The final Guest Artist of the 2013-14 Zoellner Arts Center came to campus. Lightwire Theater wowed television audiences with their innovative blending of dance, puppetry and electroluminescent wired costumes on the show, “America’s Got Talent.” This performance was a chance to see them live and in person. The performance was brilliant – and so was the audience!

It was so heart warming to hear the wonderful sounds of our youngest audiences respond to what was happening on stage. Smiles were seen on young faces and on their bigger (adult) friends and family. Even more heart warming was the generous partnership of the Community Partners who supported the performance and the creative activities available before the show in the Fowler Black Box Theater. Nurturing the creativity in all of our audiences is a key to the mission of Zoellner Arts Center:

The center’s mission is to create an environment where artists and students of the arts develop and learn; to educate, captivate and inspire performers and audiences by presenting a variety of vibrant, high-quality performing arts events, exhibits and scholastic programs; and to develop new audiences

Fowler Black BoxThe Baum School provided a wonderful wire sculpture activity for the audiences between 9-12 years old. Cops and Kids of the Lehigh Valley provided free books for all kids, and there was a fun coloring station. Any one passing through the lobby could miss the 15 foot long dinosaur walking around! This creature was created by Lehigh University graduate student, Lisa Glover. Lisa also offered a couple of her Kit-Rex projects to two luck winners who filled out an audience survey. She also got to meet one of the Lightwire artists backstage!

Here is a photo gallery of all the activities of a great end to the season.

Wire art Baum Wire 3 Baum Wire Art Lisa and Steve KitRexRaffle
CopsnKids Coloring