Streb Dance Aesthetic

Lehigh University, Depart of Art, Architecture and Design
Wednesday April 30th,   8:00 pm – Chandler-Ullmann, Room 230

Art, Architecture & Design Professor Viscardi will host Dance Choreographer, and distinguished artist Elizabeth Streb.  Ms. Streb will be narrating her Power Point presentation on the “Streb Dance Aesthetic”. Check out the kind of movement she’s interested in:

Streb’s work is an investigation in action. She says,

“What can action do that no other discipline do, and what does it do best? This requires us to not just find out what the grammar is, but name the grammar and understand the temporal system. What’s the Iambic Pentameter of Action, for instance? Poetry knows, music knows on some level certainly. Language knows, Shakespeare knew… I have no idea what I’m doing to the audience because I don’t know them. I’d love for them to go away with a phenomenological experiential feeling from the show, not what it was about. I want them to be grabbing the arms of their chairs, the person’s thigh next to them (they may not even know) and just pay attention. You know, the way you pay attention to a great novel. I want it to be a page turner. I want them to wonder, “What can we possibly do next? What are they going to do now?”

Streb is known for  “A preoccupation with movement and itself was symptomatic of a trend that was altering the traditional profile of modern dance.”  She sought to gain a better understanding of the effects of movement on matter so she studied math, physics, and philosophy as Dean’s Special Scholar at New York University. Streb explains that “‘Pop-Action’ is all about the popping of the muscles, training to utilize them over the movement of the skeleton”.[8] Custom-made trapezes, trusses, trampolines, and a flying machine give Streb a way to discover new ways for the body to move in space while being subjected to gravity and other indistinguishable forces. Moves consist of diving off 16-foot-high (4.9 m), metal scaffolding, also known as a “truss”, landing level on a mat. The performers also can be found launching through the air in “Quick succession with timing so precise that they just miss occupying the same space at the same time.”

Here’s another video to get an idea of her work:

Lehigh University, Depart of Art, Architecture and Design
April 30th,   8:00 pm – Chandler-Ullmann, Room 230

If you miss this lecture, Ms. Streb is touring LVAIC colleges as part of the Lafayette College Grant “Choreographers on Campus” from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

unnamed-1from Lafayette press release:
Streb will lead discussions about her experimental choreography at Lafayette College at noon April 30 in the Williams Center for the Arts room 108. At 3:30 p.m., she will lead a class at Muhlenberg College in Moyer 209 with campus host Karen Dearborn. Her 8 p.m. lecture at Lehigh University in the Chandler-Ullman Lab Building hosted by Tony Viscardi is
free and open to the public. On Thursday, May 1, she will teach a master class at DeSales University in the Brisson Dance Studio at 12:30 pm, participation with permission from campus host Tim Cowart.

Once called the “Evel Knievel of Dance” for her extreme approach of testing the boundaries of physics and movement, Streb is interested in the effects of gravity, math and physics on her work. Her choreography, which she calls “POPACTION,” intertwines the disciplines of dance, athletics, boxing, rodeo, the circus, and Hollywood stunt-work.

“I think my original belief and desire is to see a human being fly,” says Streb, the director of Streb Extreme Action
Company and founder of the SLAM-the Streb Lab for Action Mechanics. When the lab was founded in 2003, SLAM created a new outlet for the community where people could come and watch rehearsals and even participate and learn to fly.