South Mountain College- Investigations 2014

Investigations flier

Save the date Monday, April 21, 2014 – 1:00-2:30pm
STEPs 121

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This academic year the students of SMC investigated the topic “Choices and Consequences.” This culminating project allowed students to delve into the nature of game design and computer programming while also exploring the myriad decisions that college students face on a daily basis– SMC explored the complex decisions that confront students in many aspects of their lives.

In this hands-on presentation, participants will be able to design their own Lehigh experience by playing a computer model of your first year designed to guide you through your own decisions and the resulting consequences of those choices.

South Mountain College invites all to play the game and learn about how it was created. Students will also offer insight to what they learned by developing the concept and other insights gained from the experience.

What is South Mountain College?

South Mountain College (SMC) is a residential academic program dedicated to the exploration of ideas across disciplines. A program within Lehigh’s College of Arts and Sciences, SMC consists of a community of people interested in student-driven, immersive learning.

SMC students get exposed to topics and learning approaches in SMC courses that they did not get anywhere else in the campus environment or the regular course catalog.

In an effort to explain the South Mountain college experience, one need only look at the program website:

 As one SMC student remarked, “Different topics in Seminar, such as the graphic novel we did, are things that you don’t do normally and you wouldn’t think of doing. The openness of the [SMC] classes bombarded you with different ideas. It all helps to broaden your thinking.”

  • The SMC curriculum consists of the two-credit Seminar and a three-credit Investigations course taken each semester.

  • SMC students can pursue a minor or other program, study abroad, or even fit in a double major.

  • South Mountain students have a number of College of Arts & Sciences requirements waived for them given the cross-disciplinary, writing-intensive nature of SMC.  These include first-year English, the College first-year seminar, the junior writing requirement and the distribution requirements.

Since 2008, an elite group of Lehigh University students have been showcasing their investigations. Attendees will see not only the end results of the work, but also see how this student led investigation provided them with opportunities to connect their other course work and propel future problem solving.