Time for student brilliance again

(thoughts from the director….)

April is typically a very busy time in Lehigh’s cycle of life. Just as the sun rises each day, April is the month when students are wrapping up course requirements, presenting major capstone projects, making final edits to creative writing pieces, and marathon rehearsals for last of the season’s performances. Some students are launching Kickstarter campaigns or starting small business ventures while others try not to think about graduate school, summer internships or study abroad.

The campus is also alive with nightly award dinners. It’s a great time to bathe in the warm glow of student achievement and wonder at their potential. Collecting trophies, or certificates is a great way to bask in the glory of the moment. But there are also a slew of other ways to celebrate our students’ genius by watching them share their joy in art making; ALL of it.

In the next weeks, we have again the opportunity to watch them dance THEIR dances, play THEIR music, read THEIR words, view THEIR vision of the world and experience THEIR culture. They are sharing their vulnerability through their moment in the spotlight. The memory of what we are about to witness in the remaining days of April will dance across our minds as we watch these students walk across the commencement stage.

These students are alive with wonder and ultimate potential. To watch them shine, is to share the joy in our hearts as we encourage them to keep taking chances. We hope you can find a bit of time away from your own work routine to see the brilliance.  Please consider the connection between tomorrow’s weather forecast, and the student music performances on the University Center Lawn.







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