LU Philharmonic Concerto Marathon Celebration – Images

This past Friday and Saturday, the musicians of the Lehigh University Philharmonic celebrated their annual Concerto Marathon concert with a warm and supportive audience. All who braved the elements, especially the inevitable challenges of  snow removal and navigating snow covered streets, shared beautiful music and  special moments for all of the student soloists. As luck would have it, other talented artists joined us in taking pictures of the warm up. Thanks to Student Chris Barry, here is his photo album of the event. We didn’t want to chose of the ones he sent us – so you can see all of them on the scrolling album here:

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One can imagine a great amount of nerves for the soloists. But they are not the only ones on stage who have a healthy amount of concern for playing well. Dr. Michael Jorgensen, professor of violin said, “I was an incredibly proud teacher performing with my students that played concerto movements on Friday and Saturday nights concerts. I think I was more nervous than normal because I wanted to help the orchestra play well for them! In the end, all of the soloists rose to the occasion!”