Next Drown Writers Series dates: 2/28 & 4/25

If you are interested in receiving updates for the DWS (Drown Writer’s Series) group, contact Laura Kremmel at her email below. You’ll get nice notes like this:
Greetings, snow-and-ice-bound writers!

Snow days (or days that should be snow days) are perfect for writing! Don’t go out to dodge icicles and fall into snow drifts: stay in, brew some coffee, and get to that keyboard or typewriter! We’re excited to hear your original creative work this semester!

We have two dates lined up for readings: mark your calendars for February 28th andApril 25th, at noon, in the Humanities Center. The first one is coming up, so email me ( if you’re interested in being a reader. All are welcome to come along and listen. A light lunch will be provided.

Safe ice-walking, everyone!


Laura Kremmel

Lehigh University

313 Drown Hall