Mastering the Snow Day

by Carly Novek

Snow days. I never considered having them in college. They were like a forgotten thing of the past. I remember praying to my window for school to be canceled, or to have the school district call my house the night before so I knew i could run over to my friends house and prepare to be stuck inside. I remember everyone saying to wear there pjs on backwards and spread chain AIM messages in the hopes that mother nature will help our cause and cancel school.

In Wisconsin, we never had a snow day. Honestly, the year I was there it didn’t snow too much. Then last year, I did not come until the Spring semester, where it never snowed enough to cancel school.

So now we are in the beginning of February, two snow days in one week under our belt, and a major blizzard on its way this weekend. What is a college girl to do? Do school work? Drink? Play in the snow? Watch Netflix all day?

I find myself wanting to relax all day, only to have my mind wired with what I should maybe be doing instead, or hating that I can’t then clear my mind by going for a run at the gym, and ultimately end up eating twice as much as I probably do on a normal day as well. The over hang of feeling obligated to be productive and do some marketing and history readings lingers..friends call on me to walk on the icey sidewalks to meet up with them..

So like I asked before, what is a girl to do.. I guess the answer is to try to do a bit of everything! We are Lehigh students after all, and are expected to be great multi takers..

and let’s face it, we may have more snow days to come.. More snowy pictures to be captured of Lehigh’s beautiful and historic buildings, more events to wonder whether or not they are still occurring..

Mother Nature is the ultimate artist, not only for the natural images she creates for artists to have captured throughout centuries, mediums, and movements, but ultimately in how her “tactics” affect us as human beings. 

So stay safe, don’t slip on the ice-like i have probably 3 times now, after thinking I have mastered how to avoid doing so- and curl up and do what you think is best with your time.


but in all honesty, i’m ready for the warm weather..


Black History Month Programs

The students have outdone themselves this year. February is completely packed with an incredible array of programs to enrich learning and to celebrate black culture. In order to support the students as much as possible, we will post all of the BHM events in summary here. We encourage our readers to skim through this list and to mark your calendars to save time for these events.

Individual programs will each get a separate post to support individual event details. Share, dig deep, comment and stretch!

BHM logo

BHM logo

(since this post is dated, Feb. 5th, we’ll skip the first two programs)

February 5th – “As I am” Natural Hair and Beauty expo, hosted by Black Student Union, University Center at 4pm

February 5th – “Half the Sky” Film Screening , part II, hosted by Lambda Theta Alpha and the Global Union, 7-9 pm Packard Lab, 101

February 6th – Hip-Hop Redefines Black History Brown Bag, hosted by Dr. James Peterson, noon in the M-room

February 8th – “Our Young Black Men are Dying and Nobody Seems to Care” Theatrical Production, hosted by Lambda Sigma Upsilon and Mu Sigma Upsilon, 7pm in Lamberton Hall.

February 11th – “Race & Gender in the Workplace” hosted by the Women’s Center, noon in the Women’s Center meeting space.

February 11th – “Hidden Colors” Film Screening, pt 1 hosted by Kappa Alpha Psi and Alpha Phi Alpha, 7pm in Drown 210.

February 13th – Africana Studies Brown Bag, hosted by Professor Kwame Essein, noon in Drown 210.

February 13th – “Hidden Colors” Film Screening, pt 2 hosted by Kappa Alpha Psi and Alpha Phi Alpha, 7pm in Drown 210.

February 14th – “Our Lady of 121st Street” Theatrical Production, hosted by the Lehigh University Department of Theatre, 8pm Diamond Theater, Zoellner Arts Center.

February 14th – “Love Jones” hosted by NABA and BSU, 10pm in Lamberton Hall.

February 15th – “Our Lady of 121st Street” talk back, hosted by Mu Sigma Upsilon, 9:45pm in Diamond Theater, Zoellner Arts Center.

February 17th – “Black in Latin America” film screening, hosted by LSA, LAS & ACCC, 5pm in Maginnes Hall 1-2.

February 19th – “Unheard Footsteps” hosted by LTA, LSU, ACS, & LGBQTIA, 7pm in Neville Hall, room 002.

February 20th – “Contemporary Media & Enslavement” Brown Bag, hosted by Professor Essor El-Burki, noon in M-Room.

February 20th – “Frozen in Time”, hosted by Alpha Phi Alpha, 9:30pm in University Center room 303.

February 21st – MGC Yard Show, 9pm in Lamberton.

February 21st, “12 Years a Slave” movie screening, hosted by University Productions, 10pm in University Center room 303.

February 22nd – “Bridging the Gap” Conference, hosted by Black Student Union, 10am in Rauch Business Center.

February 22nd – “End of the Month Party” with DJ Kardiak and DJ Austin Millz, 9pm in Lamberton.

February 24th – “Faculty and Staff Mix and Mingle” 5pm in Asa Packer Dining Hall.

February 25th – “Tim Wise” at Moravian College (details to come)

February 27th – “Africana Studies” hosted by Dr. Monica Miller, 4pm in STEPs 101.

Next Drown Writers Series dates: 2/28 & 4/25

If you are interested in receiving updates for the DWS (Drown Writer’s Series) group, contact Laura Kremmel at her email below. You’ll get nice notes like this:
Greetings, snow-and-ice-bound writers!

Snow days (or days that should be snow days) are perfect for writing! Don’t go out to dodge icicles and fall into snow drifts: stay in, brew some coffee, and get to that keyboard or typewriter! We’re excited to hear your original creative work this semester!

We have two dates lined up for readings: mark your calendars for February 28th andApril 25th, at noon, in the Humanities Center. The first one is coming up, so email me ( if you’re interested in being a reader. All are welcome to come along and listen. A light lunch will be provided.

Safe ice-walking, everyone!


Laura Kremmel

Lehigh University

313 Drown Hall