An ode to now being here a full year- Carly Novek

After dealing with some technological difficulties, I hope this blog post works so I know my posts in the future will as well!

As a reminder, I am a junior here at Lehigh University. The more it sinks in that it has been a year that I had first transferred here, the more I realize how old I am getting. Quite frankly, I also feel like an older college student now that I am in more 300 levels, and therefore have more intimate classes, and sadly what feels like a never ending amount of work. (And to think it is week 2…) I can’t complain too much though because I am at least taking interesting courses..

Despite being an Art History major, I have grown to love the field of Marketing, and take advantage of the ability to take courses in the business school. One of my classes this semester is a special topics course about retail. Not only do I love this course already because I like the retail field, and Professor Gallant- who is teaching it- is awesome, but because of the project my class will be working on throughout the semester. Dominique Brown is a student here at Lehigh who aspires to launch her fashion line called “Rind.” Not only is it the job of my classmates and I to help her launch it, but we will be producing a fashion exhibition of her pieces at the close of the semester! Dominique is a product design major who pretty much shifted it to be her own independent study revolved around fashion design and clothing construction. She presented her aspirations and influences to my class, and what she said really spoke to me. Not just personally did I connect to her belief that clothing is something constructed, like architecture for the body, concept, but holds true to much of what Lehigh is made up of. We are all studying something in arts & sciences, business, or engineering, and the way Dominique spoke about her line, and how she developed it, felt like a staple of what Lehigh would want to make of their students. Lehigh wants us to be hands on, innovative, creative, but also practical. The basis of her line and what she wants her line to represent does just that, which I feel makes it that much more special to essentially be a product of Lehigh and the Lehigh community compared to a more traditional fashion school.  (incase you’re wondering…she uses very unique fabrics, and carefully constructs pieces to fit the female form, but i’ll go into that more in future posts..)

This speaks to me because as I mentioned before, last spring was the first semester I was a student here. I only wanted to transfer to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City because I knew I wanted to make it in the art/fashion industry and thought that was the place to redirect my college life. Clearly, I did not end up there. Though I sometimes wish I had opportunities that being in the city itself presents, I increasingly am thankful I wound up at Lehigh. Not only have so many of my professors been interesting and helpful, and classes have been interesting, but I continuously feel assured that I can still make it in the field by being a Lehigh student, and that others seek the same. I admire Dominique for not going to a traditional fashion school. She’s another example of Lehigh’s blossoming art community, while also posing as a representation of combining multiple aspects of Lehigh’s overall community and mindset.