Glassumentary: Savannah Boylan, ’15, discusses her art background

I created this video as an assignment for my Journalism 230: Multimedia Storytelling class. In that class, we are very lucky to be able to use Google Glass for 10 days throughout the semester, as our professor, Jeremy Littau, won the ability to test a pair.  One of our assignments while we had Glass was to create a glassumentary (glass + documentary) and record the interview and b-roll using Glass. This was my video.

Savannah is my friend and I knew her abstract art was beautiful and would be really interesting to view in the first-person perspective that Glass allows. I originally thought that she would continue her piece that she was already working on, but she had the idea of starting a piece from scratch while recording, which I like a lot better.

The hardest part of creating this video was recording an interview with Glass. In journalism classes we are taught that nonverbal cues, like nodding and motioning with your hands, are ways to have feedback or interaction with your interviewee while recording. However, I could not do that with Glass, otherwise the shot would have been moving. I had to tell Savannah beforehand that I would not be making eye contact and would just be sitting there.

I am not an artist, so I love this video because I can watch an abstract painting be created before my eyes and it almost looks like I am painting it myself. This is perhaps the most amazing part of Glass–this glassumentary format could be used for a pastry chef, rock climber, or figure skater, and give viewers an incredible first person perspective on these people’s work.

-By Kerry Mallett