My name is Carly Novek and I am a junior here at Lehigh University. I am an art history major here, concentrating in marketing, and aspire to one day work on the business side of either the art of fashion industries. With that, i am super fortunate and happy to announce here on the blog that i have the opportunity to start up a movement for the Lehigh arts. Silagh White had approached me this summer to get involved with social media at zoellner, and i could not resist the offer. After meeting several times, we’ve come up-well took from the engineers- the idea of giving the arts a voice, but a student voice. I can’t wait to not only be a part of this, and a founder, but to see how this builds over time. 

More about me, if you really want to know, would be that I am actually pretty new to Lehigh, at least as a student. I transferred here last spring from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where i was double majoring with communications and art history. While there, i realized the love i already had for the arts truly became a passion, and knew i wanted to one day be a part of the field. Though Lehigh isn’t exactly known for the arts, i want to be part of the movement to make it known that it DOES exist here, and we not only have incredible events and galleries run by zoellner and LUAG, but that there are some seriously talented students here as well. Many members of my family have gone here through the years, and honestly they all thought i’d be the last one of me and my two sisters to end up here because of being more of the “artsy” one. I want to be part of the change of the assumption of what Lehigh brings to the table, and showcase the talent and existence of the arts here at the university.