ArtsAlive 2013

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The 9th annual ArtsAlive Prelusion program was filled with activities for nine new students to Lehigh University. PreLUsion programs “jump start” a student’s Lehigh University experience before evoLUtion (a.k.a. “freshmen orientation”) begins. ArtsAlive is one of ten programs that gives students a chance to meet others with common interests. ArtsAlive is designed for incoming students … Continue reading

Strength in Numbers – Eastern PA Arts Alliance

998774_10201277293190793_1962787696_nLast night during a ceremony held at the PA Playhouse, the Zoellner Arts Center of Lehigh University received a grant from the Eastern PA Arts Alliance* to support their educational outreach programs.

The funds will be used to support the design and implementation of content to support learning through the arts in Lehigh University’s COMPASS school partner schools (Donegan Elementary and Broughal Middle School) and Fountain Hill Elementary. Through engaging a community of artists, teachers and volunteers passionate about arts based learning, we will meet our shared mission to build a community through strength in numbers. By aligning the artistic resources to a complex higher educational institutional structure, we expand and deepen relationships across multiple constituencies.

Other organizations receiving “Strength in Numbers 2013 Awards” were Touchstone Theatre (supporting the Young Playwright’s Lab at Fountain Hill Elementary), Mock Turtle Marionette Theatre (supporting the Ice House Tonight 2014 Series), Pennsylvania Youth Theatre (supporting the Topsy Turvy Tuesdays Summer 2014 program) and Godfrey Daniels (supporting the Lehigh Valley Storyteller’s Guild Children’s Winter Series)

The grants were awarded by the Eastern PA Arts Advisory Council members: Phil Schenkel, VP of the Allentown Office of CBRE, Inc., Donna Taggart, president and CEO of Taggart Associates, Janet Stainbrook Director of Government and Community Relations for the Ben Franklin Technology Partners, and Nick Englesson, attorney.

Doug Royston, director of Mock Turtle Marionette Theatre said:

I think everyone agrees that the product of these grants will have a great deal to do with the success of EPaAA and with the idea that we can open the door to new [support].  The great value of the grants, beyond their individual missions, is our ability to play the numbers game as a unified organization…

…This is really where the “new conversation” on our regional culture.. can begin- when we become a true part of the exchange… We have managed to hold together a genuine core group- and our collective experience is really over the top.

We’ve said it in previous posts – but last night, the gathering of artists and arts supporters from our community rang true to the biggest asset of our community and quality of life – the people!

If you have about 4 and a half minutes, you can learn even more from this video of the Eastern PA Arts Alliance by Green Leaf Productions:

*About Eastern PA Arts Alliance

EPaAA is a charitable 501c3 non-profit organization designed by collaborative efforts to enhance the quality of life for artists and enhance out community through economic development and creative partnerships. For more information, please go to