Student Installations in Fair-Mart

Curious about the art installations in the East Fairmart-Martindale Library Buildings? The project is the result of the summer architecture studio course ARCH 123: Visualization and Fabrication in Architecture, taught by Professor Hyun-Tae Jung. The installation label reads:

The main focus of these projects is to help students learn how to see form and create structure through the exploration of patterns found in nature. Nature is abundant with patterns and variations of logical systems of organization. The process of identifying and formalizing these patters serves as a foundation for us to begin deriving our own systems from. These new systems extend past the efficiency of their original forms to provide us with a purpose and direction for designing architecture.

While advanced and worthy of study in learning to read and practice good design; the concepts portrayed through these projects are only the introductory steps in the process of architectural design as a whole.

The works were created by students: Shannon Hsuan Chen, Danny Aguilera, Ron Medina, Pei Pei Yang, Greg Barber, and installed by a student curator, Mike Amidon. These works remain installed until October 4, 2013.

We encourage you to see these works up close; but please; don’t touch the objects! Library is open during summer hours: Monday-Thursday, 8am-10PM; and Friday, 8am-5pm; Saturday, 10am-5pm and-Sunday, noon-5pm.

Special note of thanks to the Lehigh Library administration who supports public installations of student created works of art.

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