Mid-summer reflection

life-reflectionWe have officially entered the mid-way point of our summer. Commencement was seven weeks ago. Orientation begins in seven weeks. Hard to believe, even harder to accept. As many of us head into a lovely 4-day weekend, I hope our readers have time to reflect on their goals for their summer. It may be time to make some adjustments in your daily routine.

This is Arts@Lehigh’s mid-summer reflection time, too. We are always happy to serve our community in the weekly newsletters, our social media sharing of news and events, and dialogue about the arts on campus and in our community. But in our reflection, we wish to include our readers in the assessment of our work.

What do you wish for us to do more? Would you like to know where we get our ideas? This is the time we begin to make plans for the next academic year/arts season. If you’d like to include this communication resource to help support your efforts, we’d love to help. Please contact Silagh White by email to let the creative partnerships in communicating our fantastic arts scene begin.