Campus Arts Centers are more than “boxes” for entertainment

There are so many special moments that happen inside an arts center. One expects arts administrators to brag epic performances by world renown artists. But this post is dedicated to the other “epic” events that happen inside the brick and mortar of the Zoellner Arts Center. For each activity listed, there was a series of conversations between faculty, staff and administrators to facilitate these transformative moments for our students. Because that’s what we do.

These are but a few of the moments that happened in the last few weeks:



Students from Art 135-Painting II (Professor Berrisford Booth) displayed their paintings and select architecture drawings in the Zoellner Arts Center green room for former Secretary of State Dr. Madeleine K. Albright’s enjoyment prior to her lecture on “Cultural Understanding and Tolerance” in Baker Hall, February 12, 2013.

But this sin’t the only amazing thing the visual arts students are up to. In fact, the Department of Art, Architecture and Design has been doing some amazing things with their website, including student achievement news. Want to see the winning design for this year’s Lehigh T-shirt? We’re going to make you click here to see it.

Mark Hollman bow

image by Christopher Eshleman, all rights reserved. ©2013

Last Friday night, as the cast and crew of Urinetown were taking their bows, they were joined by Mark Hollman. Hollman won the 2002 Tony Award for music and lyrics to Urinetown. Hollman also visited the cast and crew during rehearsals in February.

The opportunity for students to meet the person who wrote the work of art is tremendous. To have time and access to receive feedback from the artist is extraordinary.


image by Christopher Eshleman, all rights reserved. ©2013

Students who perform with the Lehigh University Jazz Ensemble also had a few spectacular moments with a great artist. Jazz trumpeter Randy Brecker, who has appeared on hundreds of albums by a wide range of artists from James Taylor, Bruce Springsteen and Parliament-Funkadelic to Frank Sinatra, Steely Dan, David Sanborn, Jaco Pastorius, Horace Silver and Frank Zappa.

Students were able to spend  couple of hours in rehearsals on Saturday, as well as share the stage for the concert that night.

Years from now, all of these students will remember these moments. We thank all of the faculty, staff, administrators and sponsors who helped this moments happen.