The Goblet: A new Lehigh alternative publication

19021_422095087868151_1912001298_nLast semester, a fellow journalism student, Laura Casale ’15 and I (who had both been editors for the Brown and White) were thinking about our future. Whilst doing that, we kept thinking that our careers didn’t necessarily lie in working for a newspaper. I imagined myself writing for a magazine about outdoor activities or music, traveling and photographing. Laura and I were both interested in film as well, taking a class on the subject. From that thought, we came up with the idea to create an outlet where Lehigh students can share and publish articles, photographs, art, videos, and creative writing; The Goblet, a new online magazine that will be created and maintained by the students of Lehigh University. We also thought The Goblet would be the perfect opportunity for journalism majors and communication minors to get work published if they’re interested in working for any type of publication. However, we didn’t want to limit involvement with The Goblet to just journalism students–you just have to have a passion for sharing what you know. Lehigh students are involved in such a wide range of academic pursuits and activities, and the Goblet is the perfect place to bring these interests. The Goblet will be working off submissions each semester, so students can submit as much as they want for a single issue. Our first issue will be released March 2nd, 2013, and pieces can be submitted until February 26th, 2013. The publication will happen once a month, and we’re hoping to get all types of submissions. If you are interested in working with us to start this new Lehigh publication as an editor or designer, or interested in submitting your work, send us an email at Written by Meghan Barwick ’15, Co-founder of The Goblet