Artful New Year (2013)

After a week of 2012 reflection, we may find ourselves staring at a brand new (and very blank) calendar. Do you approach the new year with vigorous intentions to renew personal commitments to health, wealth, organization, erasing bad habits, etc? How long do even the most reasonable New Year’s Resolutions last?

If you have not yet committed to one, or have already broken one you made, might we suggest an alternative resolution?

Resolve to share information you read in the Arts@Lehigh newsletter. Register for the weekly email for a trial run.* to register, write an email to with SUBSCRIBE in the heading. Forward an email to a friend. In turn, we will be converting each newsletter into a PDF that we will share on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re friends or followers on either social media site, we’ll share your stuff, too.

Why?¬†Because sharing is in. Everybody’s doing it.

*If you decide you don’t want to receive the weekly email, we promptly address all unsubscribe requests.

Special note to share (see, we’re doing it already) – Zoellner Arts Center is open today and until January 10th from 8am-6pm. The Zoellner Arts Center Box office is closed, but will resume regular business hours on Tuesday, January 8th at noon. One can still purchase tickets online.

May all our readers have a happy and prosperous New Year.