Art Installation Mystery Solved and MORE…

After a causing some buzz on campus and in social media, we were able to identify the source of the temporary sculptural installations from last Friday. This was the work of students taking Sculpture I (Art 13) with Professor Heather Ramsdale. Collaborating in teams of two, their names and sculpture descriptions are below (there’s 31 images, be sure to scroll through them all. These are not the titles of the work, just the professor’s way of explaining what you are looking at in the photo album.
Courtney Jarvis / Abby Winter  – Figures Studying and Swinging  –  Installed in Rausch
Daniel Shin / Juan Tzoc  –  Bus Stop Figures  –  Installed at the Bus Stop
Alyssa Griffin / Toby Lee  –  Figure Floating with Red Balloons  –  Installed in STEPs
Laura Stephan / Jonelle Jerwick  –  Squirrel Figure  –  Installed in Tree in front of STEPs, near Neville Hall
Dominique Brown / Emily Capece  –  Tumor Tree  –  Installed in where the “Tumor Tree” existed
James Suh / Gerard Pierre  –  Gold Figure  –  Installed in Linderman Library
Christopher Sevilla / Spencer Cohn  –  Death Scene  –  Installed off Memorial Walk Way
There is also one more tape sculpture being installed on Wednesday evening, not sure of the location yet. If you spot it, post it on Twitter with the hashtag: #LehighArt, or send it to us on Facebook.
Another course taught by Prof. Ramsdale, Design 4 class (Three-Dimensional Design) will be having their final critique this Thursday morning, 9am – 12pm. They are fabricating very large scale inflatable objects (8ft diameter and larger) which will be temporarily blown up with an air source in site-specific locations on campus. Keep an eye out for this work on Thursday.
It is very clear to me that the students not only value, but crave the opportunity to exhibit their work. They learned so much from the experience and the response from the Lehigh community.
~Heather Ramsdale
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