McClintic-Marshall House

The Beautiful M&M!

Some History on M&M

There are many buildings in Lehigh University, but one magnificent building that stands out greatly to many students is the beautiful McClintic-Marshall House, also known as M&M. This freshman dormitory was built in 1957 and is located on the university’s South Bethlehem campus. The location of M&M is extremely convenient for the first year students as the dining halls, the health center and even classes are not too far away. It is basically in the middle of all the madness!

McClintic-Marshall House was named after two civil engineers, Howard McClintic and Charles Marshall who both graduated from Lehigh University in 1888. These two men co-founded the Mclintic-Marshall Construction Company in 1900, and thirty years later their company became the world’s largest independent steel manufacturing firm. The accomplishments of these two men are memorialized by structures far greater than Lehigh M&M house: the Golden Gate Bridge, the locks of the Panama Canal, the Empire State Building, the George Washington Bridge and the Waldorf Astoria.

Of course, we have to give you a little history on the people who brought the McClintic-Marshall House to life. Charles Marshall graduated from Lehigh in 1888 with a degree in civil engineering. While at Lehigh, he was not involved in extra-curricular activities. However, he did become one of the founding members of the Lehigh chapter of the fraternity, Sigma Nu. He was also involved in the engineering honors society, Tau Beta Pi. Unlike Marshall, McClintic was involved in athletics on campus such as baseball, tennis and track. He was at one time the vice president of his class. Like Marshall, he was also one of the nine founding members of the Lehigh chapter of the Sigma Nu fraternity. McClintic was a top scholar and was very interested in bridge construction. He maintained ties with Lehigh University, as he became the Secretary and Treasurer of the Pittsburgh branch of the Alumni Association, after graduation. It did not take long before these two collaborated and eventually created the McClintic-Marshall Company in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

Social Aspects of M&M!

The McClintic-Marshall House, also known as M&M, is a freshman dormitory that houses 280 first year students. It consists of four floors, three of which are dorm rooms. It is an H-shaped building, coed by section and each floor has a study/television common lounge.

M&M is one of the largest first-year halls and is known each year for creating a friendly and close knit atmosphere. Every year, the students, Gryphons and directors create what is known on campus as the “M&M bond.” The floor lounges help provide a gathering area for all of the residents on the floors. Although there are friendly competitions between each floor, that is part of what makes M&M a great, fun environment to be a part of.

Here are some comments from first year students:

“It’s great, I have really enjoyed my time here so far” – Evan Ginza ‘16

“it is an amazing community and it provides freshmen a nice environment to learn and grow.” – Elyse Curtis ‘16

“I love it. It is simply so much fun!” – Maggie Battaglin ‘16

“I have made so many great friends here and I am really looking forward spending the rest of the year here.” – Sasha Papova ‘16

“M&M is the best freshman dorm!” – Nicole Gomez ‘16

“Our dorm is beautiful and in a very convenient location.” – Samantha Di Paolo ‘16

“I love M&M! We are all like one big family.” – Brishty Khossein ‘16

“Despite the smaller rooms, I would much rather live in M&M than Dravo.” – Mitchell Juarez ’16

“I have no complaints about M&M, all the girls on my floor have become my very close friends.” – Jane Mousseau ‘16

“Wouldn’t want to live anywhere else my freshman year!” – Alex Hiznay ‘16

“The fact that we have both guys and girls and a common lounge on every floor encourages people to come out and watch tv and I think that’s what makes us a really social community.” – Aex Donnelly ‘16

“We are the only freshman dorm with central air conditioning which really comes in handy in the summer time.”- Mike Spearing ‘16

“I hear so many great things about M&M and how it is a great community to live in; I tend to spend a large part of my time there after classes and on the weekends.” – Taylor Troy ‘16