Zeek programs at Zoellner

If you are a faculty, staff or graduate student with young children (ages 5-15), you might be interested in a program designation for events at Zoellner. Listed in the season brochure as “ZEEK,” these concerts have special pre-concert activities just for Zeek members.

The first Zeek program occurred at the LU Jazz: Hollywood concert. The next one happens this Saturday before the LU Choral Arts “Jewel at the Center of the World” concert. Meet Zeek pals in room 345 at 7:30 pm.

As ZeeK! members, they’ll meet a musician or expert, receive a membership card and a treat, and sit in a special section in the theaters.

Each club member chooses five performances from a special selection of six. Child: $10; parent: $25 (at least one adult must accompany each group of three children, with a maximum of two adults per child). For information and a membership form, contact Ticket Services at 610-758-2787 or via email.