Back from Pacing Break, and ready to GO!

We hope everyone is a little rested and ready for the next big push of research and exploration of ideas. So many excited opportunities coming at us, where does one possibly begin?

The weekend coming up is FULL of activity in Zoellner and in South Bethlehem. You can read more about each of the events on campus and in the local community by checking out the links on our weekly newsletter. Not subscribed? You can by emailing us  at If you decide you no longer wish to receive the newsletter, we honor all request to unsubscribe.

But this morning, we want to remind all students of an incredible opportunity to lock into four great shows at a ridiculously awesome price. The FOUR for FORTY deal. What’s that? It’s FOUR shows for only $40. Yes, $10 the typical student rush price; the package deal secures the best seats possible – and before the show sells out!

The first show of this incredible package price happens this Friday, with the “United Nations of Rock and Roll” Delhi 2 Dublin. Check them out:

Click here for single tickets, if you really need to – but why wouldn’t you take advantage of the 4for$40 deal? What students might not know yet – is that Zoellner is also offering a few Bandgra dance lessons to loosen your hips during the show – yes, the show includes room to dance. Think you got the moves? Show them off in Baker Hall. Also, beverages are going to be allowed in the hall for this show – don’t worry about getting thirsty – they got you covered!

Even the Brown and White covered the 4for$40 story – what more could we say to encourage you to have a little fun and stretch your exploration at Lehigh?

Want to get to know the group a little before they arrive on Friday – we’ve been Tweeting with them while their touring.

Or better yet, check out Delhi2Dublin’s website for tracks to their recently released album and crank of the volume – to reasonably safe levels. We bet the sun starts to shine when you start listening!