The Next Step – from Convocation 2012

This past Sunday afternoon, a new work was presented to the class of 2016 at the Lehigh University Convocation by the LU Choir. The piece was originally written to commemorate the 40th anniversary of women at Lehigh. Since last year’s Convocation was cancelled due to a hurricane, Steven Sametz decided to premier the work at the 2012 Convocation to celebrate the next 40 years of women at Lehigh.

The piece is a collaboration between poet (and Artistic Director of Zoellner Arts Center) Deborah Sacarakis, and composer, Steven Sametz (Professor of Music and director of LU Choral Arts).

In many choral programs, the texts of the pieces are offered for the audience in programs. Since the text for the premier was not included in the program, we were given permission from the poet to share it with our readers.

The Next Step