Is Musikfest Better than Christmas???

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….

Nope, not Christmas. MUSIKFEST!! That time when we welcome all the out of town visitors to our fair city: (northside and southside) Bethlehem. Parking and traffic may creak and groan with all of the extra volume; but we love the sea of humanity that gathers up and down Main street, wanders through the Industrial Quarter, and mostly – buys lots of things to stimulate our local economy!
OK, enough of that! It’s actually about the music, right? This year, the organizers at Musikfest have launched an iOs system mobile app so folks can know about the artists and the massive schedule. If you don’t have an iOs mobile device (that’s anything that starts with an “i”), the performances can be reviewed in their extensive website. You may want to head over to the “Daily Grids” page before you venture to the festival, if only to inform your wandering a bit… Yes, some of the performances do required paid tickets. But check out this list of free performances.
Locals (that includes you, college readers) may want to read up a bit about any parking changes or transportation issues that may impact our regular lives. Also, read through the “What’s New” page. While some things may seem the same to us, there’s a few innovative ideas and experiments to try.
10 days, 15 stages and more than 500 performances. This festival has definitely grown in 29 years.
If you’d like to know more about how Musikfest connects to the Lehigh community, please read this post by Lehigh (’90) alum, Michael Kirkpatrick. Back in his day, Musikfest was scheduled concurrently with Move In and Orientation. Let’s just think about that for a minute….