Greater when we recognize the sum, instead of parts

We were pleased to see the Morning Call newspaper bring attention to the impact of local arts and cultural organizations on the economic prosperity of the Lehigh Valley in Sam Kennedy’s July 21st article, “Valley Economy Boosted by Thriving nonprofit Arts Sector“. It’s wonderful that dialogue about this important aspect of arts and culture in our community was shared among so many readers. The Zoellner Arts Center is proud to be part of a valley wide industry that brings art, entertainment and cultural diversity to our community. Over the past 16 years, Zoellner has presented multiple Pulitzer Prize, Grammy and Tony Award winning artists for the community to experience live. Zoellner’s performance venues are prestigious and accessible. It is also is the home to an art gallery which provides even more outstanding art for our community to experience.

Zoellner not only presents internationally renowned artists, it is a vibrant space for arts research, providing excellent resources for new work from our esteemed faculty. Lehigh students discover their artistic potential, and can be enriched by the variety of ideas, issues and imaginations brought to the center.

We are proud of Zoellner’s accomplishments, as well as the variety of offerings available throughout the entire Lehigh Valley. Having a depth and breadth of arts and culture to experience, makes the Lehigh Valley a truly remarkable place to live, learn, work, play and grow! We are greatest when we celebrate the sum of our parts.