Lehigh Theatre Students summer research.

Summer time on campus has a particular calm in Maginnes Hall, Zoellner Arts center, Wilbur Powerhouse, the Humanities Center and Chandler-Ullman; the buildings where most of the arts and humanities learning happens. Not to say that there’s nothing going on – heavens, most of those on campus now are deeply entrenched in getting ready for the next academic year.

For many faculty, summer means “hunker down in my research time.” For staff in all departments, summer time is when as much preparation as possible happens to gear up for the next academic year. For hundreds of Lehigh University students, summer brings either a return home for a couple of months of work, internships, continued course work (a few students do linger on campus), or a life changing study abroad program.

One of the greatest joys in working in higher education is seeing students expand their intellectual and cultural curiosity. When we see students reach an “aha” moment, or dip their toe into unchartered waters, we delight in their discovery. Three Department of Theatre students decided to blog about their summer experiences. If you wish to follow their stories consider taking a peek into their wonderful discoveries:

Rebecca Osborne (’13) -“I have been given the most incredible opportunity this summer. I am currently in California for the Bay Area Playwrights’ Festival. My scenic design professor, [Melpomene Katakalos], has started the New Play Design Lab this summer, so I get to be part of something new. I’m feeling pretty lucky right now – I received a grant from Lehigh University to do this, or I never would have been here.”

Luke Ingram (’13) is also attending the Bay Area Playwright’s Festival. His blog intentions: “… a cool way to journal my internship in California at the 2012 Bay Area Playwrights Festival as a part of the New Play Design Lab which is in its first year.”

Andrew Chupa (’13) is studying abroad in Ireland and Scotland. Here’s a snippet of his journey: “On Sunday [July 15th] I was in Kilkenny to see a production of Oleanna. That was fantastic, and I took something away from that town. I had to wait overnight for a bus back to Dublin, but I found plenty to do in that time. Walked around Kilkenny castle, St. Canices cathedral, and up a street called the parade. There’s just loads of history around the place. Had a place to rest the night, and got back in Dublin at 8 am. A solid weekend for sure. Looking forward to working on Oleanna back in the states.”

Note: Oleanna will be one of the four mainstage Department of Theatre productions in the 2012-13 season.